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Media Release

Parachute Revolution: Single O introduces the first fully compostable drip coffee bag, perfect for travel

By October 21, 2021No Comments

Media Release

Innovative Sydney-based coffee roaster, wholesaler and cafe Single O announces the launch of the first fully compostable drip coffee bag. The compostable Parachutes® launch on 21 October via and partner cafes, offering a specialty grade, convenient and sustainable coffee solution in single serve formats, changing the game within the established ready-to-drink coffee market. Single O’s Parachutes are filled with pre-ground coffee, and are nitro-flushed to the highest standards to keep them brew-ready with maximum flavour for three months.

Originating in Japan in the 90s, Single O first stumbled upon ‘hanging ear coffee bags’ in a Tokyo hotel room and were enamored with the convenience they provided for weary travelers. Inspired by this concept, they set out to create something with the same specially sourced, quality coffee that its customers were used to, nitro-flushed to the highest standards to keep it fresh, while creating a sustainable alternative for on-the-go brewing.

“Single O has thrown down the gauntlet to create a product that combines quality and convenience, with no compromises. Two years of testing tweaking and trialing later, and we’re stoked to be launching the first fully compostable drip coffee bag, manufactured right here in Aus”, says Mike Brabant, General Manager of Single O. “With sustainability as the key focus in consumer trials, the growth of Food Organics and Garden Organics across Australia & communities around home-composters like Subpod, the end of life solutions for this product are continuing to grow. For a nation of proud coffee lovers, roughly 75% of coffee consumed is still instant, and now we’re able to offer a quality & sustainable ready-to-go alternative. We’ve all waited so long to travel, so why not finally do it with really awesome coffee, that’s surprisingly easy to brew, and compostable too!”

Made to ‘brew on the fly’, Parachutes require no brewing equipment, come in convenient pack sizes, and offer a world of taste while travelling, in the office or any other occasion where brew gear is a barrier. For those who can’t decide between the bright and sweet Tanzania Isende washed process, and the fruity and juicy Ethiopia Kercha natural process, Single O has the solution in its ‘Multichute’ pack, comprising a mix of its top picks. Providing something for everyone, there is also a new blend for milk coffee lovers everywhere. Just add a splash of dairy or oat milk, to complement its flavour profile of ripe stone fruit, vibrant acidity and malty sweetness.

With their just-add-hot-water appeal, Parachutes are designed to go anywhere. Launching closely in line with the easing of restrictions in NSW, Single O will celebrate by giving away 3,000 free coffee parachutes to help fuel up Aussies on their adventures this festive season. Simply let Single O know where you plan to ‘Chute Through’ to via from 21 October to redeem two free Chutes while stocks last.  

Single O have created a brand video as a parody to the traditional coffee ad, with the tagline ‘Coffee this instant isn’t supposed to taste this good’. Celebrating the surprising nature of the product, Single O will include a surprise sixth Parachute in every 5-pack, to cover customers for any ‘shocked and delighted spits and spills’.

Single O compostable Parachutes are available via Single O Surry Hills & from October 21 as well as key wholesale partners in Sydney like Rising Sun Workshop, Good Fella & Soulmate. In Queensland with cafes like Told Yo So, Rafter & Rose and if you are roadtrippin’ some pit stops could include The Lott at Cooma, The Hilltop cafe in Sawtell & the Cornerhouse Cafe in Newcastle.

Customers can redeem their two free Parachutes by simply telling Single O where they will ‘Chute Through’ to on their adventures this festive season, via

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