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Media Release

Providoor expands to NSW, delivering Sydney’s best restaurants to your door

By July 20, 2021August 6th, 2021No Comments

Media Release

Premium meal delivery service Providoor is expanding to New South Wales, launching this week for deliveries for the weekend.

Providoor will launch with an impressive menu of partners, including Cirrus, Monopole, Yellow, The Apollo, Cho Cho San, Icebergs Dining Room + Bar, Golden Century, Spice Temple, Rockpool and Ciccia Bella, with more to be announced soon.

Prepared by restaurant chefs and delivered via certified cold freight, the at-home meals eschew the ready-to-eat status quo, to be finished by the customer in their own kitchen, actively involving people in a premium cooking experience and giving them as close to an in-restaurant meal as possible.

Providoor was founded by Melbourne-based chef, Shane Delia, in 2020, and in the last 12 months has driven more than $40million in revenue back into restaurants, delivering 512,000 meals, with 70% of customers trying a restaurant for the first time through Providoor. Melbourne restaurants on the platform include Cumulus Inc., Supernormal, Maha, Entrecôte, Longrain, Gingerboy and Guy Grossi’s Grossi A Casa.

Providoor founder and chef-owner of Maha, Shane Delia said: “I’m beyond thrilled to be expanding Providoor to New South Wales. Our initial plans had us launching later in the year, however with much of the state under tough lockdown restrictions we’ve fast-tracked that. Sydney is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, and after the success so many Melbourne restaurants continue to see on the Providoor platform, I’m looking forward to Sydney restaurants seeing similar results.”

An industry-led solution to a broken delivery model, with hot meals often being delivered by unreliable third-party delivery services, Providoor has been developed by chefs and restaurateurs with a quality product as top priority, as well as fairness around fees. Providoor takes just 15% commission, unlike other food service delivery platforms that charge venues up to 35%. Providoor completely reworks the home delivery model to ensure high quality meals are enjoyed as the chef intended.

Chef and owner of the Bentley Restaurant Group, Brent Savage said: “Last year amid lockdown we moved quickly to an at-home offer. The biggest hurdle was how to get our food to the diner at home. Providoor is providing that solution. It will not only ensure our food is delivered to the standard we want, but it will also help us reach a new audience.”

Icebergs owner, Maurice Terzini said: “Providoor is giving us a platform that will deliver our product to the same standard as we would in our restaurants. It is also generating another stream of revenue that can only add value to our restaurants in the future.”

The global COVID-19 crisis hit the local restaurant industry hard, forcing a reimagining – from top to bottom of the industry – in the future of dining both on premise and at home. Providoor is not a temporary COVID-19 fix, founder Delia believes Providoor will have a place beyond the pandemic.

Delia said: “Providoor wasn’t set-up as a quick fix. We have a long-term strategy and our expansion to New South Wales is the next step. Providoor offers a connection with the at-home diner to the chefs and restaurants. It is a chance for them to participate in the process and, most importantly, enjoy the high quality meal they are after.”

Providoor takes orders by 4pm for next day delivery in Sydney Metro, regional NSW and Canberra. Food is delivered certified cold freight for a flat $16.50 delivery fee.
Orders from Sydney restaurants will be taken from Wednesday, 21 July.


Founded by Shane Delia, premium delivery service Providoor launched in Melbourne in 2020 with some of Melbourne’s best restaurants on their roster, including Di Stasio, Entrecote, Maha, Flower Drum, Cumulus Inc, Tipo 00 and Supernormal.

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