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Media Release

‘Be Inspired’ – Connecting home cooks with leading chefs

By September 21, 2021October 21st, 2021No Comments

Media Release

Monday, 20 September 2021

Sydney food identity Roberta Muir, former manager of the celebrated Sydney Seafood School, has launched ‘Be Inspired’, cooking experiences showcasing recipes inspired by renowned chefs including Paul Carmichael (ex-Momofuku Seiobo), Janni Kyritsis (ex-MG Garage), Mark Jensen (Red Lantern), Ajoy Joshi (Nilgiris) and Giovanni Pilu (Pilu at Freshwater).

Be Inspired allows home cooks to expand their recipe repertoire and build their confidence by connecting them with leading chefs, producers and provedores. The recipe kits contain the fresh produce and premium pantry items required to create delicious meals, with expert guidance via step-by-step videos from Muir and the chefs.

Muir has spent most of her career as a conduit between home cooks, chefs and producers, translating what she calls ‘chef-speak’ into ‘home-cook-speak’. She’s co-written cookbooks with leading chefs Alessandro Pavoni (Ormeggio at The Spit), Giovanni Pilu (Pilu at Freshwater) and Janni Kyritsis (ex-MG Garage), as well as the Sydney Seafood School Cookbook, and hosted around 6,500 cooking classes with more than 300 chefs.

Participants can opt for fortnightly or monthly kits, which include all ingredients, at least eight video tutorials (six savoury and two sweet), as well as detailed written recipes. This gives home cooks the flexibility to learn at their own pace in their own kitchen. Be Inspired introduces a new cuisine and chef each month, and deliveries are made fortnightly.

“The fortnightly delivery provides a lot of flexibility,” Muir explains. “We recommend a two-course menu each week, but I’m finding people are mixing and matching the recipes and side dishes to suit their own situations and tastes, which is what we’re all about – making it easy for people to enjoy good food in whatever way works for them. It’s also wonderful to hear how often people are cooking dishes a second and third time and being inspired to use our recipes and ingredients as a starting point for their own creations.”

The recipe kits deliver a fun and inspiring cooking experience while also showcasing authentic quality produce from notable brands including Pepe Saya, Vannella cheese, Salumi Australia, ALTO Olives, Herbie’s Spices and Mutti tomatoes, alongside premium meat, poultry, vegetables and herbs, for $296/month. The kits can cater for most dietary requirements, including pescatarian, and include the option to add additional ingredients to feed four or more people, or matched wines to each meal. Participants can also opt for two-week recipe kits for $179.

“Some couples take turns cooking for each other, or cook together, for a weekly date night, while other people use it as a great way to get the whole family into the kitchen together. It’s also perfect for some quiet ‘me-time’ for those who like to cook alone – we even have Spotify playlists of each chefs’ favourite tunes to cook to!” says Muir.

Be Inspired transports home cooks to exotic destinations and allows them to experiment with new ingredients. There are currently three month-long recipe kits available including Malaysian inspired by Simon Goh, Vietnamese inspired by Mark Jensen, and Greek with a side of Modern Australian inspired by Janni Kyritsis.

Kits are delivered on the first and third Friday of the month with orders closing on the Monday of that week. Next orders close 27 September and are delivered on 1 October.

Be Inspired has announced upcoming collaborations with Paul Carmichael, Ajoy Joshi and Giovanni Pilu. For more information on current and upcoming recipe kits visit

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